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Creating Healthy Organizations by Graham Lowe

Creating Healthy Organizations Graham's new book describes how to strengthen the links between people and performance.

Creating Healthy Organizations The Wellness Dividend

How employers can improve employees health and productivity.

Author Graham Lowe's keynote talk on How Vibrant Workplaces Inspire Employees

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Building collaborative labour relations in government workplaces (Jun. 1 '01)
by Graham S. Lowe
The scale and complexity of change in governments demands a collaborative approach that taps into all available knowledge and expertise. Employees need a more active role in designing and implementing change strategies at the workplace level. This…
Building Healthier Work Environments (Oct. 30 '04)

Post-conference workshop. Health, Work and Wellness Conference, October 30, 2004, Vancouver. Workshop leader: Graham S. Lowe, Ph.D. This workshop will provide participants with a firm grasp of effective strategies for building and sustaining…
Building Healthier Work Environments (May. 18 '05)
by Graham S. Lowe
Keynote presentation at Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association, Conference 2005, 'THE WORKPLACE - OURS TO EMPOWER!' Toronto, May 18, 2005.
Building healthy organizations takes more than wellness programs (Sep. 8 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
This article lays out the ingredients of a healthy organization, how this is a step beyond 'workplace healthy promotion', and the change strategies required to get there.
Building High-Trust Cultures: Applying Lessons from Great Workplaces (May. 2 '06)

Graham Lowe and Jen Sulkers will offer this interactive workshop at the Industrial Accident Prevention Association annual conference. Toronto Convention Centre. A Great Place to Work® is one where employees trust the people they work for,…
Creating a Quality Workplace (Jun. 8 '05)
by Graham S. Lowe
Pre-conference 1-day Workshop, 2005 Labour Arbitration and Policy Conference, Calgary. June 8, 2005. Overview: Focusing on high-quality work environments, this workshop addresses the underlying causes of some major labour-management problems,…
Creating Healthy Organizations (Nov. 17 '10)

Presentation at the"Research-to-Practice" day. Canadian Society for Training and Development 2010 annual conference. Toronto, November 17, 2010. For more information:
Creating Healthy Organizations: Insights from the Front-lines (Aug. 28 '08)
by Graham Lowe
Presentation at the Second International Workshop on Work and Intervention Practices. Laval University, August 27th-29th, Quebec City. In this presentation, I will examine strategies and tactics for implementing changes that build healthy…
Creating healthy work environments to reduce health and safety risks (Oct. 3 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
Luncheon keynote at the Workers Compensation Conference: Law & Practice. Sponsored by Lancaster House and University of Toronto Centre for Industrial Relations. Metro Toronto Convention Centre.
Creating healthy workplaces for all health care workers (Nov. 7 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
Keynote presentation at the Health Sciences Association of Alberta, Labour Relations Conference, Edmonton.
Creating High-Quality Health Care Workplaces (Jan. 1 '02)
by M. Koehoorn, G. S. Lowe, K. V. Rondeau, G. Schellenberg and T. H. Wagar
Health human resources have emerged as a top priority for research and action. This paper echoes calls for a fundamentally new approach to the people side of the health care system – treating employees as assets that need to be nurtured rather…
Custom-Fit Healthy Workplace Strategies (Oct. 29 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
90-minute session at the Health, Work and Wellness Conference, October 29, 2004, Vancouver. For more information visit the conference website:
Custom-Fit Healthy Workplace Strategies (Apr. 4 '05)
by Graham S. Lowe
Workshop at "Health & Safety Canada 2005", IAPA (Industrial Accident Prevention Association) Conference and Trade Show, Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Toronto, April 4-6, 2005. Workshop outline: Comprehensive initiatives to…
Employee assistance professionals' role in creating healthy, productive organizations (Jun. 15 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
Underlying workplace conditions have a much greater impact on employees' productivity and health than individual behaviour. Employee assistance professionals can help redefine workplace health as a strategic issue that affects corporate costs and…
Employer of Choice: Workplace Innovation in Government. (Jan. 1 '01)
by Graham S. Lowe
Canada’s governments want to become "employers of choice." Many are striving to be more flexible, knowledge-intensive and learning-based. Reaching these goals will require nothing short of a bold new human resource strategy that can…
Engaged employees are the key to public service excellence (Feb. 16 '07)
by Graham Lowe
Presentation at "From Evidence to Action: Creating a Highly Engaged BC Public Service." BC Public Service conference, Victoria. This presentation outlines how the BC public service can improve its performance by taking a strategic approach…
Health Work & Wellness™ Conference 2008 (Oct. 15 '08)

Health Work & Wellness™ Conference 2008 Moving Forward... Giving Back October 15th – 18th, 2008 Calgary TELUS Convention Centre For more information: Conference Theme: Successful…
Healthy Workplace Strategies (Jan. 15 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
Healthy Workplace Strategies: Creating Change and Achieving Results. Healthy jobs and workplaces benefit workers and employers, customers and shareholders, citizens and society. This report focuses on the organizational change processes,…
Healthy workplace strategies (Mar. 4 '05)
by Graham S. Lowe
Keynote presentation at "Organizational Health and It’s Connection to Workplace Health and Productivity Management". Conference sponsored by Connex Health Consulting and the Institute for Health and Productivity Management. Pillar and…
Healthy Workplaces and Productivity (Apr. 14 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
This paper examines two health issues of crucial importance to practitioners and policy makers: the work environment and organizational factors that positively influence workers’ health and well-being, and the relationship between healthy…
High trust workplaces support service excellence (Oct. 15 '06)
by Graham Lowe
This article exlpores the relationship between high-trust work environments in government and the goals of service excellence.
High-quality healthcare workplaces: A vision and action plan (Aug. 1 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe
Looking into a future marked by intense competition for talent, growing numbers of employers are striving to create “workplaces of choice.” Yet, despite the consensus that health human resources are a vital piece of the healthcare reform…
High-Trust Cultures = Health and Performance (May. 2 '06)

Graham Lowe and Jen Sulkers will offer this session at the Industrial Accident Prevention Association annual conference. Toronto Convention Centre. Great workplaces are built on trust – the cornerstone of organizational health and…
How can you create and maintain a safety culture? (Nov. 24 '08)
by Graham Lowe
Accreditation Canada sponsors a 90 minute webinar by Graham Lowe. 11:00 a.m. (EST), January 15th, 2009. Cost: $99. Who should attend?: Anyone directly involved in a quality or safety initiative through committees or as part of their role as quality…
How governments can become employers of choice (Mar. 1 '01)
by Graham S. Lowe
Governments want to become 'employers of choice'. Many are striving to be more flexible, knowledge-intensive and learning-based. Reaching these goals requires nothing short of bold new ways of organizing, managing, supporting and rewarding people.
How Great Workplaces Create Values-Based Cultures (Jan. 16 '07)
by Graham Lowe
Keynote by Graham Lowe at AgriVision 2007 Conference. Alberta Department of Agriculture annual employee conference, Edmonton, Jaunary 16-17, 2007. Great workplaces inspire employees. They do this by embedding strong people values in their…
How high trust cultures inspire employees (Apr. 16 '07)

Graham Lowe will be making a presentation at the Strategic Capabilities Network in Toronto about how employees become truly inspired when they trust their managers and co-workers. Graham will draw on research by Great Place to Work Institute Canada…
How hospitals become great places to work (Sep. 28 '05)
by Graham S. Lowe
This article describes the cultural practices of 7 hospitals on Fortune magazine's "100 Best Companies to Work For in America" list.
How to Create a Healthier Organization (Nov. 9 '16)
by Graham Lowe
Workshop by Graham Lowe at the 15th Annual Health & Safety Conference Society of Alberta. Edmonton, Alberta. November 9, 2016 Workshop description: This day-long workshop will help participants apply the ideas,…
How to Create High Quality Jobs and Work Environments (Apr. 22 '08)
by Graham Lowe
Workshop facilitated by Graham Lowe at the annual IAPA Conference, Toronto, April 22, 2008. For conference information: Workshop Description: This interactive workshop will guide participants through a step-by-step process…
Human Resource Professional Association of Ontario Conference (Jan. 2 '06)

Graham Lowe will present a workshop entitled, "Creating a Great Place to Work: Lessons from the Best" at the HRPAO Annual Conference, Metro Convention Centre, Toronto Feb 1-3, 2006. For information contact:
Identifying the Building Blocks of a Healthy Health Care Work Environment (Jan. 23 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
Keynote presentation and wrap-up session, one-day workshop. Keynote presentation at Achieving High Quality Health Workplaces in Saskatchewan, Satellite Training Workshop, sponsored by Saskatchewan Health. Saskatoon (broadcast province-wide) January…
Innovative Strategies for Workforce and Workplace Renewal (Jan. 28 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
Centre for Executive and Management Development, School of Business, University of Alberta. Half-day workshop. This workshop is designed to provide human resource professionals with the ideas and tools they need to lead workforce and workplace…
Is the tide about to turn on workplace stress? The consequences of yesterday's truths (Oct. 7 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe
Keynote presentation by Graham Lowe at the Health, Work & Wellness 2002 Conference. Lake Louise, Alberta. October 7, 2002
It's a matter of trust (Mar. 1 '07)
by Graham Lowe
This article discusses the key to building a trust-based corporate culture.
Job Quality and Organizational Performance (Apr. 22 '08)
by Graham Lowe
Presentation by Graham Lowe at the annual IAPA Conference, Toronto, April 22, 2008. For conference information: Session Description: Job quality is a bridge between what matters to individual workers and what drives…
Leading the 'healthy organization' adventure (May. 25 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
Keynote at the Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators annual conference, "The Leadership Safari: Building Trust and Relationships." May 24-26, Shaw Conference Centre, Edmonton. See for more…
Leading the Way to a Healthy Organization (Nov. 18 '10)
by Graham Lowe
Session presentation at 2010 CSTD (Canadian Society for Training and Development) conference. Toronto, 18 November, 2010. For more information:
Leading the Way to Health and Performance (Jun. 7 '07)
by Graham Lowe
Keynote address and interactive half-day workshop at the 4th Annual Workplace Wellness Conference, Kingston, Ontario. For registration information: (613) 549-1232 /
Making a measurable difference: evaluating quality of work life interventions (Mar. 1 '06)
by Graham S. Lowe
Across the country, nurses and other front-line health system workers are taking actions to improve the quality of their work environment. A high quality work environment is being accepted, albeit slowly, as a prerequisite for building the human…
Making Quality of Work Life A Strategic Priority: The Role of OD (Mar. 30 '07)
by Graham Lowe
Workshop sponsored by the Association for Creative Change in Organization Renewal and Development, Toronto. This interactive workshop will provide Organizational Development (OD) practitioners with a practical understanding of the actions needed…
Mapping a healthy change trajectory (Aug. 13 '10)
by Graham Lowe
This article in the August 9, 2010, issue of Canadian HR Reporter describes 5 principles to guide the development and implementation of healthy organizational change.
Practical Steps for Creating Healthy Organizations (May. 25 '06)

PRACTICAL STEPS FOR CREATING HEALTHY ORGANIZATIONS:From Words to Action. This half-day workshop by Graham Lowe helps employers, managers, HR professionals, occupational health and EAP staff answer the question: "How can we design effective…
Practical Steps for Creating Healthy Organizations: From Words to Action (Nov. 16 '06)
by Graham Lowe
Presentation at the 3rd annual Working Well in Halton symposium, designed for workplace decision makers, human resource professionals, and occupational health practitioners. The presentation will cover: • The Business Case for creating…
Preserving Organizational Health in an Economic Downturn (Jul. 10 '09)
by Graham Lowe
Preserving Organizational Health in an Economic Downturn. Presentation by Graham Lowe, "New Economics of Workplace Health and Well-Being", a conference sponsored by The Conference Board of Canada. Calgary, 29 April 2009. Graham provides a…
Psychological Safety The Next Step in Building a Culture of Health, Safety and Performance (Oct. 30 '15)

Plenary talk by Graham Lowe at the 14th Annual Conference, Health & Safety Conference Society of Alberta. Banff Springs Hotel, Banff, Alberta. October 30, 2015. TALK DESCRIPTION: Employers in Canada and many other…
Rethinking contingent work (Sep. 1 '99)
by Graham S. Lowe
Contingent work now encompasses more than one in five workers. It is time to move beyond describing the details of this trend by proving the changes it signals in employment relationships. This paper examines the implications of contingent work for…
Retiring baby boomers open to options, but get them before they leave. (Mar. 10 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
Now is the time to rethink retirement, so that workforce renewal is orderly, planned and responsive to the needs of people and organizations.
Riding the Age Wave: Designing People Strategies for an Aging Workforce (Jun. 15 '05)
by Graham S. Lowe
Workshop material presented to the Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute in Edmonton, Alberta, June 15, 2005, addressing how employers can respond to an aging workforce.
Seventh Annual Workplace Wellness in Niagara Conference (Nov. 23 '05)

Graham Lowe will present the keynote address, entitled, "Creating Healthy Organizations", at the Seventh Annual Workplace Wellness in Niagara Conference, to be held at November 23, 2005, at Club Italia in Niagara Falls. For information,…
Strategies for creating a healthy workplace (Jun. 9 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
Keynote presentation at the "Comprehensive Workplace Health Promotion: Supporting Local Initiatives" conference, Toronto, 9 June 2004, BMO Learning Centre. For more information see conference website ( Keynote…
Strategies for Creating Healthy Organizations (May. 4 '06)

Creating a healthy and productive organization requires “transformational change” in jobs, workplace culture, organizational systems and management practices. Graham Lowe provides the guiding principles and tools that will help…
Ten Guiding Principles for Healthy Organizations (Mar. 27 '15)
by Graham Lowe
One-page summary of key action principles for making your organization healthier.
The dollars and sense of health promotion (Sep. 23 '02)
by Graham S. Lowe
Expect to hear a lot more about workplace health in the near future. Skyrocketing public and private health-care costs will almost certainly increase calls for workplaces to be used as venues for health promotion.
The foundations of a healthy culture (Feb. 8 '07)
by Graham Lowe
Keynote talk by Graham Lowe, UBC Okanagan Health Symposium, 8 February 2008. Successful organizations have healthy cultures that all employees help to build. Graham’s keynote will outline the building blocks of healthy cultures. Drawing on…
The Healthy Organization: Creating Vibrant Workplaces That Inspire Employees (Dec. 12 '08)
by Graham Lowe
Presentation by Graham Lowe at the Health System Group's 30th Anniversary celebration for clients, Calgary, December 4, 2008. Graham's presentation presents his latest thinking about the ingredients of a healthy organization and how these…
The yin and yang of change (May. 14 '04)
by Graham S. Lowe
The key to a better workplace is achieving balance between the structural and cultural forces at play.
Thiving Through Change in the Workplace (May. 4 '11)
by Graham Lowe
Graham Lowe's video on workplace change is available from LifeSpeak as part of their LifeSpeak On Demand video series. See:
Trust can ease the stress (Oct. 22 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
This article argues that healthy workplaces start with healthy work relationships. It also provides guiding principles for creating healthy workplaces.
Trust is tops (Apr. 10 '06)
by Graham Lowe
This article is part of a feature in Canadian Business magazine on the first annual Best Workplaces in Canada. It describes the steps managers can take to build high-trust, high-performing organiztional cultures.
Webinar: Preserving organizational health in an economic crisis (Apr. 2 '09)

Human Resources Professionals Association is sponsoring this live webinar presented by Merv Gilbert, Graham Lowe and Martin Shain. Time: 12 - 1:30 pm (Eastern time). April 2, 2009 Cost: $59 for HRPA members, $89 for non-members …
What are the Building Blocks of High Quality Workplaces? (May. 3 '03)

City of Saskatoon, day-long Management Forum, Western Development Museum, Saskatoon., Sask. April 3, 2003.
What's a Good Job? The Importance of Employment Relationships. (Mar. 1 '01)
by Graham S. Lowe and Grant Schellenberg
This report presents key findings, and practical implications, from Canadian Policy Research Network's 'Changing Employment Relationships' project.
Workforce and Workplace Renewal: Keys to Success (Sep. 24 '03)
by Graham S. Lowe
Keynote presentation at the 52nd annual Western Cities Conference. Edmonton.