Creating Healthy Organizations by Graham Lowe

Creating Healthy Organizations Graham's new book describes how to strengthen the links between people and performance.

Creating Healthy Organizations The Wellness Dividend

How employers can improve employees health and productivity.

Author Graham Lowe's keynote talk on How Vibrant Workplaces Inspire Employees

Watch Graham Lowe's talk at the 2014 ComCare National Conference, Melbourne, Australia

Welcome to the Graham Lowe Group

The Graham Lowe Group Inc. provides consulting and research services designed to help clients create high quality workplaces and build their future workforce capabilities. We are workplace and workforce experts. A guiding principle behind the company’s services is that the quality of work environments matters for employee well-being, workforce renewal and organizational performance.

We leverage the extensive academic and practical expertise of our President, Dr. Graham S. Lowe, to provide clients with customized solutions to their workforce and workplace challenges. We have worked collaboratively with executives, managers and employees in a wide range of organizations in the private, public and non-profit sectors across Canada.

We help our clients diagnose work environment strengths and gaps, design healthy change strategies, measure progress, and develop future workforce capabilities. We support clients to make evidence-based strategic decisions by finding better ways to use their own employee data, or through new research we tailor to their needs. We also create and deliver interactive workshops for organizations of all types to help them achieve their workforce and workplace change goals.

How Healthy Organizations Support Resilient Workforces

Graham Lowe's interview with Rob Hislop on "How Healthy Organizations Support Resilient Workforces" at the 2016 Petroleum Safety Conference.

From Graham Lowe's Healthy Organization blog:

The New Resilience: What It Means For Leaders And Organizations

Resilience is an old concept that is finding new resonance today. Decades ago, psychologists studied the sources of personal resilience among children who overcame significant disadvantages to succeed in school and life. This early research showed that resilience is an individual’s capacity to thrive despite adversity. Now, the concept of resilience is being applied to […]